Ayurveda & Desi Cow Ghee – The Ultimate Elixir

Ayurveda & Desi Ghee - The Ultimate Elixir

According to the Vedas, desi ghee is the base and essential food of all things. The miraculous golden elixir desi cow ghee is prepared from grass-fed cow’s milk. Ayurveda places desi ghee at the top of the list of superfoods

Ayurveda, which has been recommended for generations for not just an ethnic way of life but a realistic way of living a healthy life. A lot of people are now working towards the Vedic way of living to stay away from impurities. Ayurveda is used both as a preventive and therapeutic treatment.

Ghee has a rather long history and has been utilized in Indian food for many thousands of years, and Hindu customs desi ghee has relatively a long history.

This thing has been an essential part of the Indian kitchen for thousands of years. Our grandmothers have been provoked by its benefits for ages. The most-found kitchen element that we mostly neglect owing to weighty problems is desi cow ghee. 

Since time immemorial, it is used in lentils, khichdi smears on hot rotis, a scoop on parathas, halwa with ghee toppings, laddoos, and more. It is used as the safest cooking medium, which adds delicious flavors to the food and makes it more healthy too. 

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A Brief History Of Ghee

Our elders regarded desi cow ghee as more than just a food ingredient. Ghee, like all ingredients, has a certain boost of energy. Coffee and chocolate have energetic, rajasic energy, whereas garlic and onions have heavy, tamasic vitality.

Ghee, on the other hand, is meant as Sattvic or pure energy source. Prana, the ubiquitous life force is profuse in sattvic foods. They have a soothing and delicate nature. Physical strength, and pure knowledge, good health, and longevity are all advantages of sattvic foods.

Because desi cow ghee has been recognized as a strong sattvic force, it is frequently ingested in religious customs in ancient Vedic rituals. Prajapati, the Hindu God of creatures, is said to eat grass-fed ghee by massaging his palms together.

In its purest and most organic form, desi cow ghee creation implies nourishment, auspiciousness, and healing properties.

Why Is Real Cow Ghee Recognized As A Superfood In Ayurveda?

  • All dairy products made from cow milk are considered holy places in Ayurveda. Grass-fed ghee. It has high importance for its flavor as well as its nutritional values.
  • Cow ghee is popular in Ayurveda for its anti-inflammatory, digestive, and mental health characteristics. Moreover, it promotes neurological health, which tends to cure mental illness.
  • Because of its nourishing and lubricating properties, Ayurveda suggests that basic Vata dosha results immensely from eating pure desi ghee regularly.
  • Moreover, desi cow ghee has been preferred in traditional Indian cooking, Ayurvedic therapies, and Hindu religious occasions for thousands of years.
  • When added appropriately, pure ghee is one of the most therapeutic elements in Ayurveda. Desi ghee obtained from cow’s milk has an incredible nutty, golden flavor that differentiates it from clarified butter. 
  • It’s rich in medium and short-chain fatty acids, such as butyrates, which assist with digestion, bile flow, and keeping a healthy microbiome.
  • Desi cow ghee may also act as a cancer protection agent and inflammation-related gene impressions.
  • Ghee does not raise cholesterol and is enriched in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which is needed to generate lean muscle mass and is useful in weight loss. It includes many fat-soluble vitamins, like A, D, E, and K.
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How is Desi Ghee Useful in Ayurveda and Home Remedies?

  • A tsp of desi cow ghee before food in the morning assists in releasing pain in the bladder area.
  • Ingesting garlic with desi cow ghee can help cure chronic fever.
  • Take amla powder and raisins mixed with desi cow ghee and put them in your mouth for a few minutes. It helps to relieve the dryness of the palate and oral cavity.
  • Eat haritaki powder with desi ghee to relieve the burning impact on the stomach.
  • Insert desi ghee with sugar into a Triphala decoction as a remedy for anemia; it progresses liver function.
  • Instilling a fine powder of saffron and desi ghee into each nostril on an empty stomach in the morning promotes relief from headache.
  • Apply a thick paste of flour mixed with organic desi ghee around the circle of the eye, and blink your eyes slowly. This will help strengthen your vision power.

Role of Real Desi Cow Ghee in Panchakarma Treatment

  • Ghee in Panchakarma spikes to dissolve the ama or toxins in the dhatus or primary elements of the system. The wastes drove to the intestinal region and expelled.
  • Pure Ghee promotes healing and results in fast recovery from wounds.
  • It is appraised as one of the best substances for self-massage, stimulating the overall strength, luster, and beauty of the soul.
  • Organic cow ghee enhances Agni, useful to digest food, without exasperating the pitta dosha – fire ingredient in the system. Organic cow ghee offers a calming effect for the pitta and Vata. Hence, it is best for those having Vata and pitta imbalance disorders.
  • Organic cow Ghee rejuvenates and offers longevity. It deliberates the aging process.


We are petrified of consuming desi ghee today, even though we should be aware that our ancestors used to eat it in our country, not with misconception but with joy. Real desi cow ghee has both nourishing and therapeutic qualities. 

It delivers enormous health advantages if consumed adequately. Some people prefer it to lose weight, while others recommend it to gain weight and get rid of cardiac issues. Accepting desi cow ghee as an unforgettable part of your everyday food as it is very effective for your good health.

According to the Vedas, desi cow ghee is the first and most essential of all foods. SureshFoods created the aromatic and healthful golden elixir from the milk of grass-fed Sahiwal cows that were pastured in a natural, pollution-free area. 

According to Ayurveda, it is the most healing food to ingest. Here we follow the Vedic wooden churning bilona method to prepare desi cow ghee with premium quality. So for order it online you can visit our website here: https://sureshfoods.com/