7 Things to Know Before Cooking with Pure Desi Ghee

7 Things to Know Before Cooking with Desi Ghee

Ghee is nothing but a clarified butter form that has been divided from the other ingredients in whole butter. While some factors of butter’s richness and flavor do the same, its character is nutritionally changed. 

It is widely recommended in Indian dishes and is an incredible cooking fat with a range of utilizations that go beyond foods from the subcontinent. Once you’ve got your desi cow ghee jar ready to go, it’s time to start cooking dishes with it!

What Is Real Desi Ghee?

Ghee is clarified butter. When the butterfat is boiled, milk proteins and milk solids are taken out. It’s a staple in ancient Indian cooking and widely preferred in Ayurvedic medicinal treatments, plus desi cow ghee is enriched in healthy fats that can lower your chances of cardiovascular disease, manage digestion, and help you to support a healthy weight.

Desi cow ghee is very easy to make at home (we suggest choosing the organic, grass-fed variety), and it’s much more affordable than store-bought. Also, we at SureshFoods have pure cow ghee here! It’s also delicious when used in cooking recipes by adding herbs and spices like ginger, garlic, parsley, chives, turmeric, or curry mixture.

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Ghee possesses a high smoke point. The smoke point is the temperature at which the simmering element produces smoke, and it varies for each cooking fat. 

Ghee’s smoke point is high enough that it can be boiled to well over 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232.22 °C) without generating free radicals, which indicates that it is burning but not generating toxic elements. 

The high smoke point is why desi ghee is ideal for healthy hot stir-fries and rapid-cooking Indian bread like parathas. There are many reasons to cook your recipes with desi ghee.

Desi cow ghee has quickly become one of our favorite elements for all kinds of cooking and baking. It’s stable, full of nutritious fats, and enriched with flavor! Following are things that you should know before cooking food with desi cow ghee. 

1. You Can Make It Yourself

Desi cow ghee is simple to make. It’s also melted easily under heat. You can see the pot, as it simmers, the butter’s milk solids are taken out from the oil while evaporation of water content.

 After about 15 minutes, Accumulate the milk solids in the lower layer. The left residue is desi ghee: a clear-golden cooking fat with a high smoke point with longer shelf life.

2. Suitable for Lactose Intolerant People 

Because ghee is clarified by simmering for a long time, it does not contain casein and lactose. People who are lactose intolerant (or lactose-free) consume it and digest it without any reactions. 

Most pure ghee recipes instruct disposing of the milk solids. As the final product does not contain milk solids. Sprinkle a scoop of desi ghee on a salad, toss them in a smoothie, or smear them on toast. Because salty, nutty, crunchy ghee is suitable for lactose-intolerant people.

3. Ghee Has a High Smoke Point

As no water content is present in pure ghee (remember, it gets evaporated while boiling the butter), desi cow ghee has a higher smoke point than butter or any other cooking oil. It will sustain without sputtering, smoking, or burning, and without diminishing its healthy properties making it friendly for all kinds of cooking ways. 

4. Ghee has a longer Shelf life

Because there is no moisture in desi cow ghee, bacteria won’t develop there so you don’t need refrigeration also. Pure ghee travels well without refrigeration for almost 8-12 months at room temperature.

To elevate its shelf life, keep your jar of desi ghee away from both water and steam; don’t put it next to the steaming stovetop. If your ghee jar comes in contact with moisture, then store it in the refrigerator; it’ll live long for future use.

5. Ghee Can Be Expensive

Yes, best ghee—the organic, grass-fed cow ghee kind costs more than four times as much as butter per ounce. If you’re starting to use desi cow ghee for the first time and you don’t think it’s worth it or not. Without worrying about money as “Health is wealth”, Just choose Vedic ghee made by organic methods.

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6. Ghee Has Significant Values 

Ghee has been utilized in India for thousands of years in daily cooking and medicine in Ayurveda. Ancient (and modern) yogis prefer ghee made from grass-fed cows for its anti-inflammatory, digestive, and peace-promoting qualities.

Ayurveda suggests roasting cooking spices in desi cow ghee to make them not only more flavorful but also makes you more active and fit nutritionally.

7. Ghee Is Incredibly Versatile

Along with its buttery and nutty taste, desi cow ghee has a distinct roasted, nutty, aroma. You can swap over butter or olive oil in the sauté pan; try desi cow ghee for frying eggs and bread.

Desi cow ghee is pure cooking fat that melts easily, it is amazing for spiced and flavored dishes, whether you’re trying summer lobster, making fruity pancakes, or topping it on oatmeal. 

Cravings with turmeric milk with ghee? Before bedtime, drink a glass of milk, turmeric, cardamom, saffron, a touch of sugar, and mix a dollop of grass-fed cow ghee. 


The purity of desi ghee makes it amazingly delicious and nutritious because its preparation of making is very authentic and Vedic. 

As it passes through the lipid membranes of cells after consumption, the vitamins and minerals absorbed from food made in desi cow ghee are going to penetrate the system wherever they offer the optimum nutrition. 

Ghee’s purported advantages are myriad as it includes butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid seen in dairy products, and it is beneficial for digestive health and weight loss. Daily consumption of grass-fed cow ghee controls your cholesterol. 

Ayurveda suggests desi cow ghee is the best cooking medium to ensure a healthy body and mind. So if you want to know things before cooking with desi ghee, choose your premium grass-fed cow ghee jar online from: www.SureshFoods.com.