Ghee: A Spoonful of Goodness and Health

Why you should use ONE Spoon of PURE DESI COW GHEE Daily?

Ghee belongs to the class of clarified butter which was originated in India and currently being used in various countries for various cuisines and rituals purposes. In India, usually, it is prepared at home by boiling the butter, evaporating its water and removing residues. 

It can be stored for a long time at room temperature without refrigerating. It can be easily stored by keeping it in an airtight container to get prevented from oxidation. It contains both Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids including minerals, vitamins A, E, D and K, conjugated linoleic acid and lots of phenolic anti-oxidants. Refer

Today’s modern sliming conscious generation consider Ghee as Fat Agent, however, one spoon of pure Desi Cow Milk Ghee has been advised by all elders in Indian families for so many reasons. 

A spoon of Desi Ghee is considered healthy in our home, because of its meditative qualities. If you don’t control the quantity of intake you might face weight gain, but one spoon of pure desi ghee daily has health goodness.
As kids, we have been taught that a teaspoon of ghee every day – primarily for strengthening our immunity, and for bone development. It’s good for bone strengthening and muscle growth because it has fat-soluble nutrients like Vitamin A and E. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, the doctor advises having a teaspoon of Desi Ghee daily. This keeps the joints lubricated and prevents inflammation.

Pure Desi Cow Ghee :
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Ghee has the quality of snigda, oiliness, and unctuousness. It is smooth, lubricated and nurturing. Ghee is thought to make the voice soft and melodious. Ghee has been used in body massage, Apply ghee all over the body, rubbing into head, chest, limbs, joints, and orifices. This will bypass the digestive system and allow the qualities of Ghee to penetrate directly into the deeper tissues.

Your digestive system has a direct impact on your overall health. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body depends on nutrient absorption and assimilation of food through healthy digestion.

A spoon of Desi Ghee in milk at night:

Adding a spoon of ghee to a glass of hot milk and drinking it before bed will enhance your digestion and clean your stomach in the morning. Desi ghee in hot milk benefits us in many ways like it keeps us active and provides a combination of vitamins and minerals together. 

According to Dr Vaibhav Lunkad, the Sexiologiest combination of ghee and milk is a great source to increase your sex energy. As per Ayurveda and Nadi Pariksha and acupuncture, he found acupuncture and acupressure points very useful in sexual health and can be taught to the couple as “Acu n diet couple sex therapy”. 

This benefits foreplay and anxiety-related stamina and performance problems like premature ejaculation and most cases of erectile dysfunction. So, it is advisable for couples to get the benefits of drinking milk with ghee. Refer

Drinking hot milk with a spoon of desi cow ghee will also improve the metabolism and detoxification of the body. It helps reduce stress, relieve burning sensation and restore immunity & strength.

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Benefits of drinking a spoon of Desi Ghee in the morning:

Eating ghee or clarified butter, first thing in the morning makes the nourishing juice called Rasa. According to Ayurvedic medicine, cow ghee lubricates every tissue and every cell in your body. Also, cow ghee builds the immune system, which is called Ojas in Ayurveda. 

Rasa is the source of nutrition for every cell in the body. It contains five elements: space, air, fire, water & earth. Good Rasa shows in glowing & soft skin. It gives a healthy shine. When Rasa is balanced we experience clear perception, faith & love; when Rasa is out of balance, we feel sad and confused. A tablespoon of desi cow ghee every morning with hot water can provide you with a lot of health benefits. refer

As important as it is to digest and absorb, it is equally important to eliminate. Once digestion and absorption are completed, undigested food, bacteria, metabolic wastes, hormones, cholesterol, and environmental toxins need to be removed from the body to prevent autointoxication. This happens through bowel movements. If you don’t have daily bowel movements, you may experience a host of uncomfortable symptoms, from bloating to low energy.

For a long time, if it is being considered that one or two teaspoons first thing in the morning followed immediately with hot water will promptly produce a bowel movement. It will also warm the body quickly. Two spoonfuls of Ghee in warm (non-homogenized) milk before bedtime is soothing to the nerves and lubricates the intestines and facilitates a bowel movement in the morning.

It is an excellent home remedy to improve digestion and cure constipation. It helps to secrete enzymes that digest the food. Stimulates digestive system. Add on a spoon of Desi Ghee to your daily diet and have a healthy life forever.

There is a question that ghee is taken under consideration as healthy fat and is typically recommended to be consumed raw by drizzling it over hot cooked meals. Ghee helps to enhance the absorption within the gut and also reduces the acidic pH of our gastrointestinal tract. Cow’s ghee is a natural source of antioxidants that helps to eliminate free radicals and inhibits the oxidation process.

According to Ayurveda, drinking ghee in the morning on an empty stomach affects the body like rasa, which can be a serious source of nutrition for every single cell inside the body. It also says that ghee does the tactic of cell rejuvenation which helps for the healing process of the body. The butyric acid and medium-chain triglycerides in ghee help in metabolism for stubborn body fats and flush them out of the body dealing with a rise in good cholesterol levels.

Some of the advantages of starting the day with ghee

  • It naturally lubricates the joints and improves the formation of lubricants in the bone joints.
  • It is good as a natural moisturizer and helps the skin to glow.
  • Ghee comes filled with essential amino acids that help in burning fat. The presence of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids helps in the process.
  • stress or an excessive amount of labor may end up leaving dark circles around your eyes. address ghee to reduce them in quick time. you merely must apply it lightly around the eyes before bedtime.

Here’s how you’d prefer to start your day with ghee.

  • Have one teaspoon of cow’s ghee with warm water in the morning first after waking up.
  • You can also take a teaspoon of ghee with raw turmeric, mix it and boil it. Consuming this mixture every morning helps improve immunity and cure dry cough.
  • You can also use raw turmeric by grinding it, add one teaspoon ghee and make your morning drink.

Cure Metabolic Disorder related to Constipation

According to research there are certain metabolic disorders that can throw your digestive function out of whack. Hence,  in case your metabolism isn’t functioning efficiently, it can result in affecting the way your body digests and extracts waste leading to the issue of constipation.

When an individual feels like their body is on strike, it is an optimum time to provide it some extra care and treatment. That individual should ensure they are consuming a healthy, balanced diet which is rich in fiber and nutrients. One can opt for some gentle exercise, like walking or swimming, which could help with your bowels moving and your metabolism sped up.

One of the best ways is to stay hydrated which contributes to easy stool movements and makes it easier to pass. Try to aim for at least 8 glasses of water per day, and resist consuming sugar drinks and alcohol that can dehydrate your body. If you are aware of a metabolic disorder in your body, it’s necessary to consult with your healthcare provider for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Team up with Ghee, as it is packed with healthy fats and butyric acid, which can lubricate your intestines and make it easier for poop to pass.

Adding a few quantities of ghee to your meal if you are stuck in a poop rut. Try to intake a teaspoon of ghee with your morning oatmeal or apply it on your toast. Ensure to use a high-quality, organic ghee to get the optimum benefits.

As well as stay hydrated. Consuming enough water can soften your stool and make it way easier to pass through the system, along with that try to include fiber-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet for healthy digestion.